TeleMedicine Psychiatric Contracts.

Online psychiatrist, Telemedicine psychiatrist

Psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Reznicek, successfully provides TeleMed services to institutions across the country.  These services can greatly help when either psychiatrists are not available in an area or there is more need than can be met by current staff.


*HIPAA compliant


*Safe and secure connection (We will help you get set up.)


*Reasonable rates can save your institution/company money.


Please call us today at 509.315.4142 to discuss the options for your institution/company.  


Telemed psychiatrist, Tele-med psychiatrist

Powered by Cisco Jabber

Safe, Easy & HIPAA Compliant


Bringing the office to you!


Tele-Med Appointments (Individual)

Tired of traveling across town for appointments? Want to have your psychiatic appointment from the comfort of your home or office? Using only an affordable webcam, you are ready for your session.


As with in-person appointments, we have flexible business hours for webcam sessions. Call 509-315-4142 or email us at to set up an appointment.



1. You will need a webcam. If you don't have a webcam built into your computer, you can purchase a portable one for under $15.

2. Peak Performance Psychiatry uses Cisco Jabber, which creates a secure connection to ensure your privacy and maintain compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations. Jabber uses a combination of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and end-to-end Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption for all data, including audio and video. The cryptographic module has been certified to meet Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2, a government standard for cryptographic module security requirements as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


3. Pay for your session on this page. New patients must choose either the 55-min or 85-min session. If you feel that your issues are exceptionally complicated, we recommend you choose the 85-min session. We will contact you by email to set up the appointment and give you instructions on how to connect prior to the time of your appointment.


  •     85-min session: $400

  • 55-min session: $275

  • 25-min session: $150 

  • 15-min session: $75 


Call for an estimate on longer appointments.



4. Fill out the "Privacy Policy and Picture ID Form" below. By law we are required to provide you with a copy of our policy that protects your health information. Click the blue button to the left to view that policy. It is also necessary for us to have a picture ID to validate the identity of people we interview by webcam. The ID is also necessary if we prescibe DEA-controlled medications.


5. If you have not paid for your appointment by the time of the scheduled interview, your appointment will be cancelled and future appointments will require that you pay 24-hours in advance.